Playing with SSL settings of my apache web server for my #nextcloud

By rakekniven - Posted on 24 March 2017

Two month ago I wrote about the benefit of using trusted SSL certs issued by Let's encrypt.

These days I read a lot of articles about hardening your webserver and SSL settings.
Reason: Being a nerd or being aroused by Vault 7 or other security topcs.

I am not a fan of big blog articles incl. 1000 words.

So please read


Result of check for my cloud URL at



Checked SSL cert of my Nextcloud.

Oktober 2015 I used self signed versions. Now there is Let's encrypt and all private cloud owners can use their certs and services for free. Really appreciate that service and every user should donate one dollar a year.

Having a A+ is really great!

Check has be done using

SSL cert of my nextcloud

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