How ownCloud changed my digital life.

By rakekniven - Posted on 20 August 2014

Some years ago I was looking for a solution to have my data under my control, but data should be accessible for other applications or devices.

My thoughts haven't been cloud focused. It was early 2012 when I came across ownCloud. Version 3 was out at that time.

The data I am talking about are files, contacts and calendars. Nothing else.

For files I was using proprietary stuff of my NAS vendor using DynDNS and dropbox because of its syncing features. Contacts and calendar have been stored at Apple by using iCloud.
I don't want to talk about really old times when sending vcf files via bluetooth from device to device was a technical highlight :-)

So ownCloud was exactly the tool I was looking for and quickly installed on another NAS device. Reading forums and other resources showed me the approach and growing community has been promising.
I was testing ownCloud for about 1 year before moving my productive data into it.

Nowadays I have my files, contacts and calendars available all the time. Using multiple iOS devices and some desktop clients to access my Cloud.

Sharing is an easy task and quitting my dropbox account was a highlight for my freedom.

Since version 6 of ownCloud the whole systems works really reliable.

Next step for me is to use it as news feed collector day in, day out.

Thanks ownCloud community for ongoing development and support. Special thanks to Frank Karlitschek for starting the whole thing.

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