RT : Turns out jigsaw puzzle makers just use the same die to cut apart different puzzles, so you can mix and match.… day 6 hours ago
RT : Congratulations from the Beckhoff team to Stefan Hoppe, new president of the | actively su… days 6 hours ago
Had some of them as well. Why not paying and ask the attacker to permanently delete the password 😜 — 6 days 6 hours ago
RT : Want to help in your own language? Starting is easy - create an account on Transifex and requ… week 2 days ago
RT : Really? It happened? How nice is this. Finally after so many years issues can be moved 👍 week 5 days ago
RT : FYI is getting updated to the latest - so it's a bit unreliable while the upgrad… weeks 1 day ago
RT : 79% of all Internet sites run PHP. 62% of all Internet sites run PHP 5.x. PHP 5.6.x and 5.x will go EOL at the end… weeks 1 day ago
Would be nice to see the client getting more attention in the future. Will test it! weeks 1 day ago
RT : Another update to our iOS app brings improved scanning and much more! weeks 1 day ago
RT : [NEWS] to acquire Red Hat and become the world's leading provider.… weeks 1 day ago
btw. Wie kann man sich sowas schützen lassen? — 2 weeks 2 days ago
War heute mal wieder bei Der Plastikwahnsinn ist schon verrückt. Nutzt doch Glas statt Becher, weshalb n… weeks 2 days ago
RT : Break free from Google & take control of your privacy by moving from: Gmail → Google Search →… weeks 2 days ago
Wo kriegt man mehr Infos zu diesem Thema? weeks 2 days ago
So war es am 27.10.2018 bei , und in Geiselwind. 2 weeks 2 days ago
RT : Brand new, coming to Nextcloud: two-factor auth via Nextcloud Notifications! Use an existing, logged in device, to… weeks 3 days ago
RT : NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: "If someone says it’s raining, and another says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them b… weeks 3 days ago
Und Söder ist dann ok? — 4 weeks 6 hours ago

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