RT : We've hit the 900 million portable apps downloaded milestone. Apps served to millions of users all over the world.… hours 32 min ago
RT : Using to build your but confused about how to read the statistics and make informed changes t… hours 37 min ago
RT : Charlie Hebdo: Covid lockdown has demonstrated 3 things: 1. Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling unnec… days 12 hours ago
Make America great again? days 16 hours ago
RT : Four years of : a brief history of the Nextcloud snap, Nextcloud Box, all to way to the current day ve… week 16 hours ago
Nice post. Just added a comment. Bye — 1 week 16 hours ago
Using it for many years on a daily base. Well maintained since 2012 iirc. RSS is great, as… week 1 day ago
Hello , is there a changelog for your Desktop App? Today update v3.3.1 is available. What is new? What has been fixed? — 1 week 2 days ago
Yeah, the “remove from camera roll after upload” is a winner 💥 well done cheers to all iOS… week 5 days ago
Hallo Klaas, du hängst noch an deiner alten Arbeit, oder? Weshalb bist weg von owncloud und der Client Entwicklung? Gruß — 2 weeks 17 hours ago
Wunderbar weeks 17 hours ago
Best care package for your data is you will take care yourself. — 2 weeks 1 day ago
You made my day! Und was macht Andi Scheuer jetzt? Maut only? weeks 1 day ago
Can't wait to see your feedback of version 3 of the iOS app. The "delete from camera roll after uploa… weeks 1 day ago
Ehrlichkeit? Wer noch? weeks 1 day ago
Haben heute eine coole Fahrradtour gemacht. Wer hat Lust hier mal miteinzusteigen? weeks 18 hours ago
is the correct link and I highly recommend it to you — 3 weeks 2 days ago
RT : Thanks for all feedback on last weeks + news 🌞 So we have an update 👉with fixes for… weeks 3 days ago
RT : Selbst als Conan war er nicht so stark wie hier: weeks 13 hours ago
Hier gibt es 1TB für 70€ p.a. ohne Benutzerbeschränkung: NX30 — 4 weeks 17 hours ago

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