mp3list - Meine MP3-Liste

Ich habe unglaublich große Probleme mit meinen Seiten hier zum Thema MP3 bekommen.
Deshalb ist hier nichts mehr zu finden.

I got into big trouble, because of my MP3 pages here.
So I removed them, sorry.

Many people are sending me emails ... no need.

Little desaster with announcement translation


IMHO KDE 4.3.0 is a fantastic release and promoting it is a must.

This time Jos Poortvliet did a fantastic job writing the announcement.
But it was too late for translators :-(
Translators had only 2 1/2 days before the release was done. That isn't fair.

So on 4th August (release day) we had english, ukrain, slovenian and estonian versions.
No french, german, italian, protuguese, spanish and (important) any asian translation.
Pooh, that's bad and btw. eastern europe beated us :-)

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